Sunday, 16 April 2017

Way Huge Tone Leper

Once again, not much info on this one, but was made way back in '92 and for a limited run. It's a booster that's more of a midboost/cocked wah tone. Unfortunately, there's 0 videos I could find of it, but once again if it's a Way Huge pedal it should be awesome. What's interesting is that it's really just an Anderton Frequency Boost.


Note: You can change the 2 22nF caps to one of the other value options from the Super Tone Leper if you choose to change the frequency of the boost.

Figure while I was at it I might as well do a layout for the Super Tone Leper that Mr. Huge had made for Queens of the Stone Age back in the day. Same effect, but with 5 different frequency selections.


  1. Oh boy you've just got me on this one! The simple mention of QotSA
    will make me reach for any layout.
    Where would you find a 2-pole, 12 position switch? All I can find on my go-to stores are a lot of 1pole 12positions, could they be a replacement or not? Sorry, I'm not versed enough in rotary switches yet to know.

    1. Hey man. It should say 2pole6position rotary. I'll fix it later when I get home.

    2. OK great, just placed an order! Thanks!

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